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Below are comments from RMA Florida students, taken from annual satisfaction surveys (names omitted to protect students’ privacy).

What Our Students Say

The school is fun but when it is time to get down to work, everyone (students and teachers) work hard. The school goes at a steady pace so no one is left behind or goes too far ahead. – Daytona Beach High School Student

RMA has helped make it easier to pass my classes. The hands on projects help me better understand what is taught instead of always taking notes and tests. – Daytona Beach High School Student

I thought I would never pass high school but when I came to RMA, the teachers supported me. They provided extra help and even gave up their evenings to stay after school to study and help me learn the material. – Daytona Beach High School Student

I love how the classes are small so when it comes to needing help, I don’t have to worry about waiting long to get help. – Daytona Beach High School Student

The school is very supportive and when they see that the students are doing what they are supposed to, they don’t mind rewarding not just one or a few but all the students. – Daytona Beach High School Student

My grades are much better at RMA. I’m an honor roll student and I never was at my old school. My teachers give me the confidence and help that I need. – Deland High School Student

RMA has helped me on being able to focus on class and not so much on skipping school which has helped me to stay on track and keep up my grades. – Deland High School Student


What Our Parents Say

The staff has gone above and beyond what they were required to with ensuring my children came to school and kept interest in their classes.

I love this school! Their #1 focus is supporting my daughter and doing whatever it takes to make sure she succeeds!

The teachers are very helpful & concerned about my child’s education.

My wife and I were looking for a school that would take the time to focus on our daughter. We found exactly what we wanted at RMA.

*Comments from annual RMA Florida’s satisfaction surveys.

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