At RMA, we realize the value of utilizing 21st-century technology to accomplish tasks and to navigate/research the world of information. RMA is committed to using the best mix of technologies to maximize the beneficial impact to our students, teachers and administrators. We have successfully solicited and obtained funding from a variety of federal, state and foundation sources. Over the years this has allowed us to implement technologies such as Smartboards in our Math and Science classrooms, Video Conferencing systems to facilitate learning, communications and knowledge sharing across our campuses, and WiFi technology to enable use of netbooks in Project Based Learning Labs. Mobile computer carts containing laptops and iPads are available for teachers use in classrooms for technology integration.

While we strive to provide the best technologies to enrich the teaching, learning and administrative experiences in our campuses, we also seek to continually improve the level of personalized attention while also lowering overall costs. Thanks to the state-of-the art infrastructure in place today, our student benefits from supplemental learning opportunities, credit recovery, and test preparation. Our teachers benefit from reporting tools that allow our teachers to use real-time data to drive critical instructional decision.

We continue to be excited about the possibilities for using technology in service of our school’s mission.

RMA uses the Volusia County Schools student information system. We encourage all families to access the Parent Portal regularly to review academic progress, assignment descriptions, and attendance records with their son or daughter.

We Understand Student Needs and We Help Students Achieve!