The RMA Guidance program is designed to provide comprehensive academic, behavior, social-emotional, and health supports to ensure that all students are successful. The RMA Guidance Counselors bridge the academic and affective domains in students’ lives helping to remove barriers and promote student learning. They provide this through problem solving using Response to Intervention (RtI) and PST, through behavior initiatives, school counseling, school social services, school psychological services, and student health services. RMA Guidance program provides the following services:

  • Counseling Services – individual, group, preventive or remedial, crisis intervention, and referrals from students (self), parents, teachers or others.
  • Classroom Guidance Services – academic planning, career awareness,  decision-making, and personal/ social development skills
  • Consultation Services – Parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies
  • Coordination – Registration of New Students, Academic Planning, Student Records, Testing Program, Orientation Programs, Peer Facilitator Programs, Special Programs, Referrals to community agencies, College and Career Information, College application process (SAT/PSAT, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Transcripts), Career/Vocational preparation, Parent Workshops, Presentations, and Military (deployment, support, transitioning).

“U R Responsible for U”

RMA promotes the philosophy of “U  R Responsible 4 U”. An important aspect of student development in school is students’ learning to take greater personal responsibility. Student are encouraged to take initiative.  A great way to start is to:

  • set up appointments with their guidance counselor,
  • ask for information when needed,
  • complete community service requirements,
  • inquire about completion of credit requirements
  • setting a graduation plan
  • setting a goal for post-secondary work, military, or college.

Civic Responsibility / Volunteer

RMA SCA works with staff to offer opportunities for the student body to participate in a number of volunteer activities designed to develop students into civic-minded responsible citizens.

Special Education

RMA complies with state and federal law to provide a free and appropriate education for all of its students, including those students with disabilities. At any time, RMA parents are entitled to request an evaluation for special education services for their child(ren). Our resources plan includes related services in and out of school, at no cost to the family, to compliment the student’s personal instruction and ensure that he/she receives the most benefit from his/her education.

Homeless Students

Visit the Volusia County Schools Social Services page for information on Homeless Children and Youth.

Career and College Readiness

Career planning begins with exploring individual interest. The RMA Resources webpage has links to various personality inventories and assessment that will assist students in understanding how individual interests relate to a career.
RMA educates students about their post-secondary options in order to help them make wise decisions about their post-secondary school future. Students receive a combination of individualized student sessions and a variety of group activities such as college visits, job shadowing experiences, college and career fairs, to provide students with the right exposure to those opportunities. RMA works to provide students with experience creating resumes and completing college, scholarship and other financial aid applications. Students are educated with the tools they need to successfully transition into their chosen post-secondary options.


The RMA Guidance Counselor is knowledgeable of many resources that may help our students and families.  Visit our Resources page for tips for parents and a list of community counseling agencies in Volusia County.

We Understand Student Needs and We Help Students Achieve!